Welcome to AceTec Ltd. Whether it be web design, graphic design, business cards, letterheads, logos, websites or promotional items, our graphic design team will draft and re-draft on your advice until your ultimate corporate persona has been created, with as little time wasted on your part as necessary. We can also help you with fax, phone and email solutions, so if you need help setting up a new company, or you need a new appearance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We cover a wide range of products for P.Cs, Laptops, T.Vs, DVD players and Printers. We specialize in selecting basic computer needs for you or your business and providing you with Bespoke Computers with the specifications that suits you. The latest technology knowledge we have means that providing you with the cost effective tools to satisfy you efficiently will not only benefit you but also your pocket. our team of technical specialist can guide you with purchasing the latest technologies in monitors from small to large, projectors and televisions. Other devices such as keyboard and mouse peripherals, Storage Solutions, Networking Cables, Internal Cabling, CD / DVD / DVD Recorders / DVD Re-Writable Recorders either internal or External.


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